ExpressionEngine utility plugin to call php string processing function from template

The says it all. Sometime I need to process string from template using php functions, So I thought – it would be great if We’ve a plugin which will allow to call any php string processing functions from template. Thus I’ve created this simple plugin which does the job. I’m going to share this addon with you guys if you need it too. For example, you can call any available php function using following tag

{exp:util:func function="strip_tags" params="'<p><a>'"}<p>Test paragraph.</p><!-- Comment --> <a href="#fragment">Other text</a>{/exp:util:func}

You can even pass argument, if argument is a string, wrap this with a single/double quote, if argument is a constant, dont wrap with quote. Provide multiple params with pipe separator.

Here are the codes –

Email address verification/validation php class

Let you want to validate an email address using php, address is, if you use regular expression, it will pass validation properly but we know – this is not a real email address. So we need to check if an email address is exists or not – it can be done. I’ve created a php class that verify email address. Let me show you how to use this class – Continue reading

Email Address Encoder – CodeIgniter Helper, Stop Email Address harvesting!

Spiders/Email Address Hunters are hungry to get your email address from website. You can buy such software/ web scrapper that collects email address for Internet Marketing, Spamming etc too if you wish ;). But you want to avoid those crawlers to collect your email addresses from your business directory or site if you encode the email address or make an image with the email address. I’ve built a Codeigniter Helper to encode your email address easily. You can use those functions on other frameworks, no copyright – just copy paste it :p
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