Conditional checking for uninitailized, undefined variable in javascript

If you’re working in php, its very simple to check a variable if it is initailized or has a value but in javascript, its a bit tricky if you didn’t handle this yet. But if you’re a javascript guy, it might be supper simple for you. Anyway, I’m sharing here the way I did to check an undefined variable in javascript. Just try following code –

if (typeof myVar == 'undefined')

I thought, sharing this will be helpful to others. Thanks!


Facebook connect redirection issue on singin

Facebook Developer continuously provides it’s greatest feature. Now-a-days the most sexy feature of facebook developer is facebook connect, anybody can use facebook connect on his site by which visitor can access few protected areas of his site using facebook login.

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Cheat Sheets

Who doesn’t like cheat sheet! Today i found an excellent repository of list of cheat sheets. Just go there

Thanks Dave Child. I’m sure, you guys like it too.


Facebook like photo order sorting in mootools

It’s easy to build facebook like photo order sort using mootools. Mootools already has a class (Sortables) to handle this. I’ve built a very simple example by which we can sort photo thumbs order through mouse drag and drop and we can save the orders on database to load the photos later with sorted order. Here are the details – Continue reading