Rightmove data parsing php class

Rightmove.co.uk provides a facility to it’s agents for bulk upload properties on their site. Agent’s create a blm file, attach media files, compress these as a zip file and upload to a ftp folder specified by rightmove.co.uk. This is(rightmove) now a standard around europe for realty sites. I’ve built a php class that parse rightmove data files, move attached media to folders, return processed data as array.
Few important notes,

1 . This class deals with zip file, so you’ve to upload zip file, if not so – you have to modify class as you need.
2. You must have to define the blm file properly. BLM file must contains header properly such as “field value separator”, “line separator”, “total properties” etc.

Here is the class file –

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ExpressionEngine twitter module scheduled status updater

Note: re-written

Someone asked me for ExpressionEngine module by which he will able to update twitter status from EE admin panel, can store few messages and can scheduled the stores messages by which his twitter status will be updated automatically time to time. If you run with schedule and let people around you about your status – you can use this module, store message for time and get them updated about you using twitter micro blogging. I’ve done this and want to share you the module.

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