I am Musa, a CSE graduate, passionate programmer(javascript and swift are my favourites), freelancer and father of two lovely daughters; I like to take photos, drink Coffe, read books, watch movies, spend time with my kids and thinks about the meaning of life. This site acts as a repository for my occasional thoughts. Be warned, it is wholly self-indulgent and may not even be true. If you’ve any query, Contact Me

12 thoughts on “About

    • Sorry to heard that but I’m not so worried as Netscape stopped journey early 2008. It’s fine on my favorite browsers(Chrome, Firefox) 🙂

  1. Hi Musa, would you mind to explain me how to make the ‘more’ likes on google’s top left header? It will be dropping some link if we click on it.

  2. Hi Musa Vi,
    Simply awesome blog. Specially EE posts.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Really nice blog you have. Lots of new thinking and tricks as well. Looking forward to get more posts form you. 😀

    • Tanveer, Glad to see you here and for your excellent feedback – your inspirations are my fuel. BTW – you’ve awesome a blog, keep writing.

  3. brother you email verifier script is not working brother check you script on web site and Please fix the bug

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