Email address verification/validation php class

Let you want to validate an email address using php, address is, if you use regular expression, it will pass validation properly but we know – this is not a real email address. So we need to check if an email address is exists or not – it can be done. I’ve created a php class that verify email address. Let me show you how to use this class –

Someone asked me if it’s possible to verify an email address if exists or not without sending any message, so far i know – its not possible to verify without sending any message. Let me explain the steps little how did i do that –
1. Check the pattern, this is public method, so you can use this method only if you want 😉
2. Verify DNS
3. Verify/Get list of MX entries
4. Create socket with MX server.
5. Send messages and receive response code and analyse. If response returns with code “250” for “RCPT TO:” message, that means mailbox exists.

Get the sourcecode with example here –
Git command line –

git clone git:// emailverifier

Hope this will help some people.

37 thoughts on “Email address verification/validation php class

  1. Hi,
    I have tested ur code,but its not working for yahoo email addresses,it always says valid against yahoo address even if that address is invalid,also its not working for other domains like address.
    Plz help me to sort out this for yahoo addresses and for other domain addresses.

    • Hi Shaam, its not guaranteed for accurate result. Sometimes it may fails for a valid email address sometimes it may show an email address is valid although it doesnt exists. All these depends on recipient mail server and your host. If email server doesn’t allow for socket connection or if your host ip is blacklisted – it may fails although email address is valid. If mail server reply you that email address exists although it doesnt exist consequences wrong results, same thing happens for yahoo mail server. So it depends on many things.

      Also, get updated class file.

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  8. hi i am getting the error Socket creation failed. Error no# 110, Error: Connection timed out
    any one can help me thanks

  9. The third step failed for me. I got ‘Socket creation failed. Error no# 110, Error: Connection timed out’; Any idea why this would happen. Its a HostGator web site.

  10. On some mailservers you get: 554 SMTP synchronization error
    You can correct this by handling the resonse from the mailserver on opening the socket to the mailserver. You sould also send a QUIT to the mailserver after you have checked the email address.

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