ExpressionEngine Captcha Problem

Surprisingly i was facing captcha problem today although it was configured and added the captcha code on contact form properly, it was not showing. Strange! nah? Finally i figured it out – Shy, I was logged in as Admin and browse that contact form!

So, it may happen for many reasons.
1. If you pretty sure you configured it properly, log out and render the template.
2. The code may vary for various form.
* Comment Form
* Photo Gallery Comment Form
* Member Registration Form
* Contact and Tell a Friend Form
Check in which form you are adding the captcha.
3. Enable the captchas related to form. Check the procedures here –
4. Check if captcha preferences paths are ok from “Admin > Captcha Preferences”
5. Check if captcha files are there
-> system/fonts/texb.ttf
-> system/lib/words.php

Thats it.

One thought on “ExpressionEngine Captcha Problem

  1. Thanks for this. I was having problems with my captchas not displaying, and discovered that EE was using an incorrect path in the settings (I’m testing on a Windows machine and the forward slashes should’ve been backslashes). Also, it’s not obvious that you’ll probably want to have the “Require captcha with logged-in members?” set to “Yes” during testing, otherwise you’ll either need to keep logging out of the CP or have a different browser open to view the page.

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