Create csv file in php

We can create csv file in php by creating a proper string first, then put that content to a file. But there is another easy way to create csv file for your data using function fputcsv. Let you want to create a csv file from an array –

Let’s see you array is –

$data = array (

Its an one dimensional array, let we want to put first value to first line, second for the second line and so on. See the code below

$fp = fopen('data.csv', 'w');
foreach($data as $line){
 $val = explode(",",$line);
fputcsv($fp, $val);

On the first line, we created an empty file called data.csv, then we iterate $data array using foreach loop, created another array for each value of $data array, and passed the new array value $val to that file using fputscsv, so each time $val array value will be written on new line. That’s very simple.

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