Low disk space issue in windows

I use windows xp for my home pc. For the last few days – my life became hell for the low disk space issue. I was trying to find out the culprit. As first step, i’ve deleted temp files (Got temp files From Start Menu>Run, then %temp%). After two/three days, the notification( low disk space) again came. Then i’ve deleted windows updates files which may be useful for rollback, these files are c:/windows/$hf_mig$/ folder and folders like

I’ve deleted them as i didn’t use rollback for any windows update before and no chance for future too ;). It released a huge space.

But i wondered, when i saw – free disk space becomes less day by day again. I asked other mates – they said it may happens for bad sector but i didn’t find any data lost, any errors. So i was searching for the main problem. Finally i figured out it, its my favorite – kaspersky internet security 2009. It takes updates from internet, keeps the temporary files in “All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8\Data” folder, hates this bug(!) – don’t know why kaspersky (lame!) programmer didn’t delete these temporary files(I’ve huge KIS temporary files, about 4GB). To delete these temporary files, follow bellow –
Settings > Options > uncheck Self defense > exit Kaspersky from right click tray icon > delete the only the av*.temp files in …\KasperskyLab\AVP8\Data > start Kaspersky > re enable Self defense.

You’ll found more info on kaspersky forum.

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