SEO checklist for your site

1. Site Headers
There should be two main header(h1) for any page. One will contain your logo/company name which will be hyperlinked to site home page.
Second one should be article title of a page.

2. Menu Header
Menu header should be h3 tag, keep h2 reserved for any subtitle of article beside h1.

3. An article on Home page
There should be an article at home page, which will contains important intro/link of your site. See

4. Accesible only one domain name
site should be accessible either with www or without www. Let your domain name is, so site should be accessible
either only by or If you prefer site should be accessible by and visitor hits on, you should redirect him to with 301 redirection. Neither your google pagerank will be shared.

5. Breadcrumb
Site must have a proper breadcrumb.

6. Sitemap
Site should have a sitemp page from where visitor can go any page of your site directly.

7. Proper Page title
Site page title (title inside title tag) shouldn’t be 60 characters long and it should be as following format
Article Title | Category Name | Site Name
If title is longer, it will be truncated while index, so your indexed page on google

8. Blog or News
Your site should have a news or blog section and pull latest 5 entries to home page, hyperlink each to details page as needed

9. Duplicate content
Careful about duplicacy, content shouldnot be repeated on other page. If you have same content for two or more pages on different category with
which is accessible through different url, put not to index other pages using meta robot tag.

10. 404 Page
There should be a 404 page for missing content, don’t redirect to home page for missing content.

11. Site http header
Check your site return correct http header, you can check this from here

12. robots.txt
Root folder must have a robots.txt file with proper instructions

13. RSS for news/blog
Blog/news page should have RSS, so when an artcile is posted it should submit on major RSS engines. Also put RSS
link on meta section of home and blog page, that may help you to link builds.

14. Meta tags/ Site Contents
Meta description is very important for your site. So recheck keywords, meta description, robot, author, canonical meta tags etc as they are distributed properly.
Check your site contents are distributed properly.

15. Site for Text browser
Check your site is accessible by text browser as bots behave as text browser. Here are few SEO tools which might help you

Search Engine Spider Test Tool –
Keyword Density Checker – Keyword Cloud –
Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool –
Free Search Term Suggestion Tool by –
Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker –
Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool –
Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Popularity Check Tool –

Hope this will helpful for you ;)!

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