Cakephp console in windows xampp environment

To run Cakephp console in windows environment is little tricky, atleast tricky for new Cakephp developer. A few days ago i did this stuff for Acl, Auth implementation on one of my cakephp project. Let you have installed xampp on Program Files in windows, you want to run Cakephp console for one of your project, follow the following steps –

1. Run command promt
2. Go to php folder which will be like
c:\Programs Files\xampp\php\
3. Run command similar as below to create Acl tables –

C:\Program Files\xampp\php\php.exe C:/"Program Files"/xampp/htdocs/cakepro/cake/console/cake.php schema run create DbAcl

I presumed that you are in php folder and your cake project is on cakepro folder. Hope this will helpful.

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