Stop Spam, Protect Email Harvesting, Flooding and ExpresisonEngine

42-20313627There are spiders which collect email address from the webpages using regular expression matches. So you shouldn’t left your email address public anywhere on web, if you do so – spiders will collect your address and then you will get ton of junk emails daily. If you have to put your email address public such as on contact page, encrypt your email adddress first or make it image. There are few way to encrypt your email address to publish in webpage –

Coverting to HTML character code – You can covert your email address to html character code although some strong spiders can handle it. Here is a tool –

Convert using javascirpt – You can build a javascript code which will output you email address. It’s a secure method so far. There are onlineline builder you can use, or you can google for better tool here

Create Image – Another solution to create an image for the email address although OCR can read it.

To protect spam, flooding, spider on signup, comment page, contact us page or on any public form, you should always use a better Captcha. You can use third party library or your own captcha builder.

Already, I’m a BIG fan of EE for its excellent features. Current/previous version has above features. You can encode your email address easily on your entry or in template, see below –


See this. This will produce a javascript encoded email address.

ExpreesionEngine has captcha feature to protect spamming, spiders. To get more visit this link. I’m expecting more sexy features on coming ExpressionEngine 2.0. Can’t wait …

2 thoughts on “Stop Spam, Protect Email Harvesting, Flooding and ExpresisonEngine

  1. Obrigado por compartilhar um fato tão bom!

    Eu enviei isto para um parceiro que estava justamente
    precisando dessa informação! E ele ficou muito agradecido !
    Então deixe-me agradecer… Obrigada por gastar algum tempo para discutir esse tópico aqui no seu site .

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