Put your twitter status on your site (php script)

Day by day twitter gets more popularity for its simplicity and usability. Using this site you can share your status to your network(http://www.twitter.com).

Sometime you may needed to show your status to your site or somewhere else. Like we are now adding twitter application on facebook. Recently i’ve developed a php script which parse your status from twitter, here i have the script. Also you can know your friends status also. just update/modify “parseTwitter.php”, “twitter.php” as needed. I’ve used CURL here, so your server must be CURL enbaled.

Download Twitter Status Php Script

Note: I’ve developed a module for expressionengine by which you can store message on your EE site, to update your twitter status automatically with stored messages timely – here are the details https://kodegeek.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/twitter-module-for-expressionengine/

3 thoughts on “Put your twitter status on your site (php script)

  1. Hi KodeGeek,

    Can you please upload the script again. Box.net deleted it. Or maybe you can email it. Thanks in advance!



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