Easier way to upload so many files to a host

If you’ve so many files to upload in a server, its better to create a compressed (zip or tar) file containing those files and upload it using your favorite ftp client. Later extract them either using control panel or using ssh (you can use putty from windows). But in many server, you might don’t have any tool to extract that compressed file or you might not have ssh panel. I was in such situation this morning, so I decided to create a php file there(on host) with following codes which does this job(extract files from zipped version)

$zip = new ZipArchive;
if ($zip->open('MYFILES.zip') === TRUE) {
echo 'Extraction successful';
} else {
echo 'failed';

You’ve to change the filename on line 2 as your own, then hit this file in your browser which will tell you if it able to extract it or not.

It worked for me. It is just simple piece of codes available online but I couldn’t resist myself to share it as this might help other.


Conditional checking for uninitailized, undefined variable in javascript

If you’re working in php, its very simple to check a variable if it is initailized or has a value but in javascript, its a bit tricky if you didn’t handle this yet. But if you’re a javascript guy, it might be supper simple for you. Anyway, I’m sharing here the way I did to check an undefined variable in javascript. Just try following code –

if (typeof myVar == 'undefined')

I thought, sharing this will be helpful to others. Thanks!


Top FREE ExpressionEngine addons you might need

#1. Stash

Stash extends ExpressionEngine’s template language with powerful features such as variables, lists, parse-order control, template partials, inheritance, layouts, caching and more. It will transform the way you think about and write templates.

Download Link

#2. Freebie

Take control of your URLs — define segments that you want EE to ignore completely. Use ‘freebie’ segments to trigger template behavior, build dynamic archives inside Structure, or just build special URLs for analytics purposes. Freebie allows you to use segments in powerful, flexible ways without the hassle of dealing with strict URL parsing (like Structure’s). It is pretty useful while you’re facing problem in pagination for a listing like tag posts, structure etc

Download Link

#3. Low Seg2Cat

This extension will give you information about categories present in the URI, in the form of early parsed global variables. No more PHP in your templates just to retrieve a category ID, no more awkward category keyword identifier in your URIs, all the category info you need comes straight from your segments.

Download Link

#4. Switchee

Tired of handling conditionals in template? Is your site loading slow on top of using advance conditionals too much? You can minimize such issues by using switch case control login using this addon.

Download Link

#5. NSM Config Bootstrap

One config file for local, dev, stage and production environments.

Download Link

#6. Tagger

Tagger 2 is a full featured tagging module for ExpressionEngine 2.1. It allows you to tag entries, create tag clouds, show all entries with certain tags, and all new ability to Group tags for easier template management. All this power for free! Register on our website and you can download the module at no cost.

Download Link

#7. GWcode Categories

This allows you to list your categories (nested or linear) based on certain conditionals, such as a minimum depth, maximum depth or fixed depth. It can be used to easily display a category based dynamic breadcrumbs trail for example, or a category’s child categories.

Download Link

#8. Freeform

You can manage various forms such as contact form, newsletter subscription or any other form you want. It can handle ajax requests, data will be stored. Moreover, you can send notification to user/admin once a form is successfully submitted.

Download Link

#9. SEO Lite

SEO Lite is a very lightweight module which will add a SEO tab to your publish page. It has an editable template that can be embedded in the header of your site. Using only one database query it should be perfect for high traffic sites.

Download Link

#10. Minimee

Minimize, combine & cache your CSS and JS files. Minify your HTML. Because size DOES matter.

Download Link

#11. IfElse

If you’ve advance conditionals, you should think about this addon. Using this, you can prevent parsing all templates on page loading.

Download Link

#12. Imgsizer

You can create thumbnail on any size from a image on the fly. Its a plugin which is easy to install and use.

Download Link

#13. Low NoSpam

Tired of spamming? This addon could save you making use of the Akismet service. It can check incoming comments, forum posts, member registrations and more. It also provides you with an API so you can check your input against the NoSpam service.

Download Link

#14. Republic Analytics

See your google analytics data right away from your control panel without visiting analytics website.

Download Link

#15. Hacksaw

Get excerpt in a certain length from your content using Hacksaw. I didn’t find better than this one.

Download Link

#16. SnippetsSync

SnippetsSync is a very basic extension that lets you save your global variables and snippets as files, keeping them in-sync during development and enabling you to use version control on the files. As a developer, you might love it.

Download Link

#17. Template Variables

If you forget your variable, this accessory addon will help you to get it easily. You don’t have to click couple of times to get a variable name. Moreover, it will copy the variable name to clipboard.

Download Link

#18. Draggable

Draggable gives you the ability to sort custom fields, statuses, and categories without having to update order numbers or click up and down arrows, refreshing the page each time.

Download Link

#19. Mo’ Variables

Add more early-parsed, global variables to your EE installation.

Download Link

#20. Developer

Developer is an accessory that allows EE site developers to quickly access the most essential sections of the control panel during site setup.

Download Link

#21. 2REElocate

Extremely helpful on deployment the site from development or moving site from one server to another.

Download Link

#22. devot:ee Monitor

The devot:ee add-on keeps you up-to-date on what add-ons are out-of-date on your ExpressionEngine sites.

Download Link

#23. 2HJ Social Bookmarks

The HJ Social Bookmarks plugin adds social bookmarking functionality to your ExpressionEngine entries. It enables users to easily share content with their friends through a number of popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Download Link

Did I miss anything must? Please add on comment.



ExpressionEngine utility plugin to call php string processing function from template

The says it all. Sometime I need to process string from template using php functions, So I thought – it would be great if We’ve a plugin which will allow to call any php string processing functions from template. Thus I’ve created this simple plugin which does the job. I’m going to share this addon with you guys if you need it too. For example, you can call any available php function using following tag

{exp:util:func function="strip_tags" params="'<p><a>'"}<p>Test paragraph.</p><!-- Comment --> <a href="#fragment">Other text</a>{/exp:util:func}

You can even pass argument, if argument is a string, wrap this with a single/double quote, if argument is a constant, dont wrap with quote. Provide multiple params with pipe separator.

Here are the codes – https://github.com/appskitchen/util